Dare to Live

I wonder–has anyone seen her? She hiked a long way with me up this trail, but she seems to have abandoned me. The person with me now reminds me of her, but is slightly different.
The one I’m missing is the one who took to hopping over rocks and crossing streams on fallen logs. It was no big deal for us to climb up a rocky mountainside. This interloper uses a cane. Says it’s just in case her right leg gives out… I’ve noticed her step is a bit off balance. In fact, she shuffles her feet instead of taking a nice stride.
The altitude bothers her, too. She gasps for breath when we climb too high. Says she uses an oxygen machine at night.
And she now wears hearing aids. Soon after she began wearing them she said, “This morning I had to peek out my bedroom window. Such a racket outside! I thought it was a bird migration, but there were only a few finches out there, chirping away. They sure sounded happy. Made me smile.”
Of course she had to have cataract surgery. On both eyes. Can’t say the inmplants help her spot a deer any quicker, but that’s probably because she is too busy enjoying the mountain scenery.
Wonder how she feels about the book the “other” person wrote. It’s called Dare to Live, Devotions for Those Over The Hill, But Not Under It. Hope she takes the “dare” and accepts these strange additions to her life as a new adventure.
If you happen to see her on your way up this mountain, tell her I’ll be right here, waiting for her to catch up.

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