Good , Bad or Indifferent

We have two barking dogs, Uber–a 70 lb. black and gray Aussie and a 25lb. brown miniature Aussie called Bear. It’s not their fault they bark. It’s our neighbors, behind our fence, in the house behind the alley. They have at least one dog, maybe two. Sometimes those nasty creatures break out of their yard and tear up and down the alley, tempting our two. Uber and Bear race alongsode our fence, in our yard. Of course dogs find it necessary to bark when they run. Uber’s loud bark probably wakes the neighbor who works the night shift and is asleep (or was asleep). If that didn’t wake him/her, Bear’s ear-splitting shrill bark will do it.
If those other dogs are gone our dogs have another outlet for their frustrations. Next door, west of us, also behind the fence between our houses, the neighbors have sectioned off an area for two young kids (goats, that is). Our dogs run back and forth, accompanied by loud barks. Every so often they stop to peer through a knothole in the fence to check on their prey. The pesky goats meet them, eye to eye at the hole, teasing and provoking our two innocent pets.
Enough barking. “Uber, come,” I holler. “Bear, come.”
Bear obeys. Uber ignores me. I hate to be mean, but this is war. I haul out a bag of doggie snacks, shake the bag and yell, “Good Bear. Here, good Bear.” Jealousy turns Uber’s head. He stops in his tracks, turns and rushes to the door.
“Sorry. You don’t get a snack,” I scold him. “You’re a bad dog.”
Uber shrugs, gets himself a long drink of water. Tired out, he lies down on the cool kitchen floor, tongue hanging out as he pants. Resting up before the next chance at a protest, no doubt.
How long will it work to trick him this way? Guess I’d better give him a snack once in a while, just to keep him coming.
I wonder what would happen if God worked this way….If I paid no attention to Him when He spoke to me from the Bible, would He stop sending me blessings?

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