Dare to Laugh

When the joints creak and the eyes begin to squint Dare to Laugh. When your children are grown . . . really grown like, with children of their own and those with children too Dare to Laugh. In the midst of loss and pain, when your heart feels as though it will rupture from the sadness Dare to Laugh. When your life’s experiences become well-refined wisdom Dare to Laugh.

Challenge yourself to chuckle at the everyday problems that ail you. Laughter is healing power and these sweet, heartfelt devotions prove the ache in one s heart may remain, but when the tears are given to God, the realization He is in control becomes apparent. Joy comes and laughter returns to your life.

Dare to Laugh Devotions for Those Full of Years is not a joke book, rather it s a balm for the soul, slathered across the hardships and cooling the sting of life. Lean back. Relax. Dig into the life lessons and then. . .dare to laugh.

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