It’s not a joke book….

imagesA reviewer for Dare to Laugh wrote, “I had looked for a bit more lightheartedness.”

Lightheartedness comes when a seventeen month old, little man-child spends a day or two at my house. I lose myself in the joy of watching him as he throws blocks into a green Tupperware bowl, then dumps them out. His fierce look as he proceeds to fill the bowl again says, “Don’t bother me. I’m busy.”

I smile from ear to ear. At the same time a thought crosses my mind and jabs my heart like a sharp needle. What kind of world are you facing, little one? The threats of today are so scary.  I yearn to pick him up, cuddle him, keep him safe, keep him an innocent little boy.

I sigh, take a deep breath and send God a prayer. “Please care for him, God. I love him, but You love him more. Help him grow into a man who follows You. He is Yours, God. Keep him safe. And thank You.”

     As I give this darling little boy into God’s care a sense of peace fills my heart. It is then I dare to laugh because I know God has been with me in the past. He is with both of us now and will be with him long after I have passed on. And I feel lighthearted once again.