Be Careful

Be Careful….

Be careful what you say. Be careful what you do. Be careful what you write.
Each or any of these may boomerang back to you.

The boomerang hit me with my recently published book, Dare to Laugh. Most of the time, deep in my heart, I know God is present in the pain in the world. I know He oversees. I know He sends His love to cover it and I dare to laugh.

Sometimes, however, a “Where are You, Lord ?” strikes me and tears replace the laughter. This time it was a photo of a woman in Bangkok, holding the hand of a tiny little two year old. Her purpose in life? Take little ones from needy parents, promise a good life for the child, but instead, train them to beg, and as they grow older to prostitute themselves. Drugs, little by little, are provided from early age on to make them compliant.

Sure, this happens world-wide, even in the United States. It is only a small look at the ugliness prevalent since the creation of man. How God must sorrow when He sees the world He created and called “good” so filled with evil.

What then? What is my part in this? How do I dry my tears? Pray? It’s easy to pray for those little ones, but how much does my one little prayer improve this little life? Harder comes the thought: pray even for those who lead little children down a hurtful path.

Jesus came so I/we could be forgiven and God loves her in spite of her evil ways. He wants her to come to Him as well. But it’s hard, so hard, to love her and pray for her salvation. My mind says she doesn’t deserve His love. And yet, just think, what will happen to those children when she realizes what she has done and what He is doing!

Jesus promised He would come again and heal the world. (Luke 21:27 – 28). Until then, I must pray, for only so will I dare to laugh through my tears.