Can It Be?

Can it be? My second book, Dare to Laugh, should be ready to read on January 31. The distinctive cover will surely draw you to it….A silver-haired couple, dressed in white, are walking on a sandy beach, headed towards a deep blue sky. Her arm is around his waist and his is around her shoulders. A feeling of peace emanates from the picture.

My hope is Dare to Laugh will give the readers this same calmness. This peace comes when we turn our troubles over to God. When we walk ahead, knowing our lives are covered by God’s love. When we are absolutely certain He walks with us. It is then we dare to laugh, because no matter the trials, the pain, the hurt, we know God is in control. He is always there to comfort, to guide and to help.

….A side note: “Blue Skies” was my favorite song when my husband and I married, almost 65 years ago. For most of those years the skies have been blue, even when trials upset our walk. Not only that, I’ve walked the beaches in Oregon, Mexico, North Carolina and Florida, and when I was only five years old, on the shores of the Netherlands. I see God’s hand in this cover, a reminder He is, as always, beside me.